Last night was a good night for science fiction fans

February 28, 2009

Just a few random thoughts on Dollhouse Ep 3 Stage Fright and BSG S4 Ep 17 Someone to Watch Over Me

Just in case anyone missed it, Spoilers ahead

First Dollhouse.

I think the show is improving. The primary plot of Stage Fright was kinda meh, but the subplots were interesting. What’s going on with Echo? How much can she remember between treatments and imprints? She seems to remember Sierra while she’s Jordan, during that moment in the catwalks where she catches Audra. Then there is the moment where Echo shakes her head at Sierra. Something is going on there.

We know from the discussion between Boyd (her handler) and Claire (the doctor) that Echo is special. She goes beyond the strictures of her programming & problem solves. She can think outside the parameters, which is apparently not supposed to happen.

Ballard reminds me more and more of Mulder every episode. I half expected him to say something about a missing sister during that scene on the balcony with Victor. I want to know more about Ballard. And Victor is an active? I did NOT see that coming, which was very nice. I like those surprises.

But that goes back to some thoughts I had about Ballard after watching the previous episodes. I’m wondering if he’s being manipulated. Is someone in charge of the Dollhouse using him to figure out what their security situation is? Given that Victor turned out to be an active, that seems even more likely.

I very much want to see the next few episodes. I think there is a lot of potential here.

Now BSG.

Someone to Watch Over Me was another fun episode. Some violence, some sex and some good interaction between the characters. I don’t feel like we learned a whole lot, but I really enjoyed all the Kara screen time. I wonder about Starbuck’s imaginary Dad, though. Who is he? And why/how did Hera write that song down for Kara?

It was also good to see that Kara and Helo are friends, still. It seems like we don’t get enough glimpses of those little moments anymore. It was very sweet of Helo to get all of Kara’s things back, even though she was really only interested in the tape.

I really didn’t want Tyrol to let Boomer go. I knew that wasn’t going to go well. I didn’t really expect her to take Hera, but I knew she’d be up to no good. And it was an interesting time to remind us about Cylon projection. I wonder if that will be important.

Only four hours left of BSG, so I am wondering how or if they’ll answer all the questions we have in the last few eps. Will we find out about Daniel? And who Kara really is? How/Why did she come back from the dead? I hope they don’t drop too many of the plot threads in the end, but I also can’t really see how they can answer them all.

I also hope that Anders wakes up. Sam has been one of my favorite characters since his first appearance. I hope he goes out on a high note, not just lying there in his bed with bandages on his head and his eyes open.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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