Introductory Post

February 9, 2009

Well, here is it, my new blog. Now what?

Who am I? I’m a nerd and a feminist with a strong interest in politics, especially state politics.

I love science fiction. I read and watch quite a bit of it and will probably post a fair number of scifi related posts here.

Over the past couple of years I’ve become more and more interested in feminist issues. I read feminist blogs and find that I have experience with or strong opinions on more and more of the posts that I read.

I’ve also become more politically engaged than ever. My focus these days is on state politics. I live in Montana and our state legislature is currently in session. I find myself reading bills, listening to sessions online and contacting my representatives a lot. Many of the issues I feel strongly about are issues that other states are also dealing with, so I don’t think this blog will end up being too Montana specific.

This blog is an experiment for me. I feel as though I have things to say and I’m trying to figure out how to say them. It’s not that I’ve never posted my opinions on the web before. I’ve had a personal journal, read by a few friends, but this isn’t going to be the same sort of thing.

I’ve decided to remain anonymous for the moment, but not because I want to attack Sarah Palin, though it’s possible she’ll come up. Truthfully, it’s partly because I have read some of the comments at other feminist blogs and partly because I think I may want to post some things that I don’t necessarily want associated with me in real life. That may change.

I’ve got ideas for a few posts rattling around in my brain, so I’ll try to start putting them up this evening.

Until then, thank you for visiting.


4 Responses to “Introductory Post”

  1. towp Says:

    Welcome aboard I’m a Typical Old White Person, and I’m sorry Male, my first blog also started as an experiment to see if it was a good place to just vent. IT IS my blood pressure is down, I don’t yell as much, my dog dosen’t hide under the bed and my wife will actually talk to me now–however I have melted 3 key boards. Have fun and just try not to be to serious

    • 42ndwavefeminist Says:

      Thanks towp!

      No worries about gender here. I think future posts will make it clear that this isn’t going to be an anti-men type blog.

      Thanks again for the welcome!


  2. jhwygirl Says:

    Welcome aboard to the Montana blogosphere, 42WF. You’ve done some great stuff so far – and it’s WONDERFUL to have someone else out there keeping an eye on the people up there in Helena!

    • 42ndwavefeminist Says:

      Thank you so much jhwygirl! I think I’m blushing a little. I am not sure exactly where this blog is headed, and I do hope to keep it at least a little geeky, but right now I am very focused on the goings on in our state capitol. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for all the great stuff at 4&20. I read it every day.

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